Out With Stains and Spots!

Keeping your lovely home clean and in order takes a bit of effort. The last thing you need is a stubborn stain. While it is tempting to take it to a professional cleaner, treating the stain may not be as difficult as you think. Assemble your "Stain Busting Tools" and check out the chart below for some tips on stain removal.

Note: These recommendations are for washable fabrics. Do a test on a hidden part of the garment if you are worried about its colorfast properties.

Stain Busting Tools

hydrogen peroxide
denatured alcohol
hair spray
mineral spirits 

all-purpose stain remover (Shout, Spray 'n Wash)
Biz or Wisk

cream of tartar
lemon juice

cotton swabs
white paper towels



Stain Chart

Stain Removal Process
Blood Rinse fresh stain with cold water. Soak dried stain in cold water for a few hours. Rub Biz or Wisk into stain. Rinse. If necessary, apply vinegar or hydrogen peroxide with an eyedropper and repeat detergent application.
Chocolate Soak in cold water. Treat stain with an all-purpose stain-remover such as Shout or Spray 'n Wash.
Coffee Soak in cold water. Apply vinegar, using an eyedropper OR apply glycerin and rub gently to remove stain.
Cream, Ice Cream Soak in cold water. Work all-purpose stain-remover into stain.
Egg Soak in cold water. Work Biz or Wisk into stain.
Fruit, Red Wine Soak in cold water immediately. Apply vinegar with an eyedropper. Pour boiling water through stain from above.
Grass Apply denatured alcohol with a sponge. Add vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to remove color.
Grease or Oil Sprinkle fresh grease with cornstarch. Scrape off after fifteen minutes. Treat with an all-purpose stain remover. Rinse with hot water. If stain remains, apply mineral spirits and rinse again.
Gum Rub with ice. Gum will roll off or can be scraped. If gum persists, apply mineral spirits or turpentine.
Ink Spray with inexpensive hair spray and rinse well.
Nail Polish Scrape off excess before it dries. Apply nail polish remover or denatured alcohol with an eyedropper to the back side of the fabric, absorbing excess with paper towels on the front.
Paint Apply turpentine with a sponge and rub well.
Rust Combine equal parts of cream of tartar and salt. Wet stain and apply a thick layer of mixture. Place item in the sunshine.
Tar Apply turpentine with a sponge. Rub gently until dry.
Tea Soak in cold water. Apply lemon juice with an eyedropper. Pour boiling water through stain from above.
Wax Scrape off as much as possible. Place between paper towels and press with warm iron. Apply mineral spirits to remove any remaining residue.

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