Simple Duvet Cover and Bedskirt

1. Measure existing duvet. While sizes should be standard for full, queen, and king, it's better not to be surprised when your cover doesn't fit. You will need enough fabric for two sides of your duvet PLUS 1 1/2 extra inches for seam allowances. You will also need an extra 10-16 inches for the overlapped opening on the underside of the cover.

2. Select and purchase fabric for duvet cover. The easiest fabric to use is bedsheets. Standard measurements are below.
Twin - 66" x 96" Full - 81" x 96"
Queen - 90" x 102"King - 108" x 102"

Using sheets, you won't have to piece fabric together and can make use of the finished edges. If you wish to use decorator fabric, calculate needed fabric according to number of panels you will piece together and aligning the pattern, if necessary. Add 8 additional inches for finished edges for the underside of the cover.

e.g. For a king-size duvet, measuring 102 by 96, purchase a king-size sheet and two twin-size sheets. Even if they shrink a bit, you will still have a 10 inch strip cut from the top of the king-size sheet to use for the overlap piece.

3. Purchase 3 yards of ribbon or hem tape for corner ties and 1 yard of velcro (or snaps, etc.) for securing the overlap on the underside of the cover.

4. Wash and dry material to pre-shrink. Cut material according to diagram for #2.

5. Finish edges of bottom pieces, if necessary. Line up overlap for underside of the cover and attach sections of velcro or snaps and fasten pieces together. Pin top and bottom pieces together, rights sides touching. Stitch, using a 5/8 inch seam allowance.

6. Trim seams and corners. Zig-zag seam allowance edges if material tends to fray.

7. Cut eight lengths of ribbon or hem tape, about 10 inches each. Attach a piece, folding in half, to each corner of the cover and each corner of the duvet. Tie cover corners to duvet corners.


8. Unfasten velcro or snaps and turn duvet inside the cover. Adjust duvet edges to line up with cover edges. Fasten closures.

Sew a Simple Bedskirt

1. Measure the width of your boxspring.

2. Measure from the top edge of the boxspring almost to the floor. Multiply this number by two.

3. Add #1 and #2 together. This is the finished width you will need for the bedskirt.

4. Measure the length of the boxspring. Add the first measurement from #2 (edge to floor) and add to the length. This is the finished length for the bedskirt.

5. Again, the easiest fabric choice for this project is a bedsheet. Consult Home February 2001 for the size closest to your measurements.

6. Wash and dry sheet to pre-shrink. Cut to desired length and width, leaving an extra 1 1/2 inches for finishing cut edges.

7. Finish cut edges. Lay sheet on boxspring, right side down. Top edge of sheet should be even with top edge of boxspring. To eliminate the extra fabric at the bottom corners, fold the corners diagonally and mark stitching line (should be from top edge of boxspring to bottom edge of sheet). Stitch along this line. Cut off excess, close to stitching line, and zig-zag seam allowance. Repeat with other corner. Turn, press if necessary, and place on boxspring.


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