Bath Salts

Take time to stop and smell . . . the bath salts. Aromatherapy is once again at work. Bath salts can do double or even triple duty - they will soften the water, detox the body, and bring about a calmer state of mind. It's easy to prepare your own bath salts, whether for yourself or for gifts. Place a "one-bath" scoop in a handmade envelope as a spa party favor or several cups in a jar for a long-term treat.

Basic Bath Salts
1 cup Epsom salts
1 cup Kosher salt or coarse Sea salt
1 cup baking soda
7-8 drops of essential oil (more or less depending on concentration)

Combine salts and baking soda in a medium bowl and mix well. Add essential oil(s) while stirring and continue to stir until evenly dispersed.

Scents and Their Effects
Different scents really do affect us in different ways. Odors can bring about emotions, images, tastes, even physical feelings, positive and negative. Select and combine essential oils according to the result you desire.

Relaxing - lavendar, chamomile, rose

Refreshing - eucalyptus, geranium, tea tree, juniper

Invigorating - peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, thyme,

Inspiring - lemon, orange, tangerine

Packaging for Bath Salts:
Special envelopes are a perfect way to share your unique bath salts with friends.

velum paper (available at most craft stores)
glue stick
stickers for labels, if desired

1. Click here for envelope pattern. Print and shrink or enlarge to make a template for desired envelopes.

2. Trace and cut envelope(s).

3. Fold envelope along all edges to form creases.

4. Glue center back "seam" first. Then fold up and glue bottom flap.

5. Place envelope under a large book to "set" the glue for several minutes.

6. Fill envelope with salts and glue top flap closed. Clip closed to set.

7. Add stickers/labels as desired.

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