Pinwheels and Whirligigs

Pinwheels are old-fashioned fun. Make several to line the driveway or accent your flower garden. Put the kids to work and then watch them run around the yard, pinwheels in hand, happy to have created such a fun project. Homemade pinwheels make great favors at a child's birthday party or even for a garden party or baby shower.


thin wooden dowel sticks, cut into 12 inch lengths
spray paint (color to coordinate with paper)
colorful, thin paper, cut into 5 inch squares (origami or scrapbook paper works well)
spray adhesive (optional)
map pins with large, plastic heads
small "pony" beads
craft glue

1. Spray paint dowel sticks and allow to dry.
2. To use two colors/patterns of paper, glue together with spray adhesive. (You may opt to use only one thickness of paper.)
3. Using pencil and ruler, mark center of square. Draw the diagonals from each corner to the center, stopping at about one inch from the center.
4. Cut along diagonal lines.
5. Bring each corner into the center, overlapping points. Push a map pin through all thicknesses.
6. Put a pony bead on the map pin on the back of the pinwheel. Push remaining section of map pin through the top ΒΌ inch of the dowel stick.
7. Glue a pony bead or two onto the point of the map pin and the dowel stick.

Making Whirligigs
Yes, "whirligig" is actually a Webster-verified word. It is "one that continuously whirls, moves, or changes." Hang a few whirligigs from your front porch or let the kids hang them up in their rooms. They will spin and delight with the slightest breeze.

colorful, thin paper (origami o
r scrapbook paper works well)
spray adhesive (optional)
fish-line (for hanging them up)

1. Trace a large circle (using a bowl or lid) on paper and cut out.
2. Starting at the edge of the circle, cut a spiral towards the center, trying to keep the thickness of the spiral even.
3. Attach desired length of fish-line to center of spiral by poking a hole through the center and tying or using tape.
4. Stretch out spiral and hang as desired.

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