Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, botanical name dracaena, is tough and resilient. It does not require direct sunlight, allowing you to add a bit of green life to those windowless rooms. Lucky Bamboo will grow in a vase or a planter with rocks and is maintained by adding or replacing the water twice a week. When roots are fully developed, the stalks can then be planted in potting soil for a more permanent arrangement.

Bamboo has been a symbol of good fortune in Asian cultures for thousands of years. An arrangement of Lucky Bamboo is said to bring luck and safety to its surroundings as part of improving Feng Shui. The number of Lucky Bamboo stalks sends a message as well. Three stalks attract happiness, five attract wealth, seven stalks result in good health, and twenty one stalks offer an all-purpose blessing.

Stalks of Lucky Bamboo make an excellent gift. Send an arrangement from a floral shop or an on-line store. Order individual stems to construct an arrangement yourself. Assemble a "kit" for those who would enjoy constructing their own. Be sure to include information about the significance of Lucky Bamboo and care instructions.


Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

Items needed:
stalks of Lucky Bamboo (contact your local florist or order on-line at, toll-free 1-877-0860)
deco sand, polished stones, or marbles
shallow planter

1. Arrange a shallow layer of sand, stones, or marbles in bottom of planter.
2. Position stalks of bamboo and hold while adding more stones. Stalks can stand together or separate, depending on desired effect and stability of sand/stones.
3. Tie stalks together with raffia or ribbon for extra stability.
4. Add water until sand is covered or until it reaches the top rocks.
5. Maintain level by adding/replacing water twice a week, more in a very dry environment.

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