Main Course Salads

Prepare a bed of lettuce, chop up some fresh vegetables, top with grilled chicken or fish, drizzle with dressing and - voila! You have just created a main course salad. Check out the menu of most any local restaurant and you will see several items as described above, especially as summer approaches. To cool things down even more, try one of the following "dressed" chopped salads - that is, salads from chopped ingredients, made ahead, and chilled. Chicken Salad with Almonds 2 chicken breasts,… Read More >

Deviled Eggs

When life gives you hardboiled eggs, "devil" them! Deviled eggs are always a big hit.…

Danish Almond Puff

This recipe is simple, but such a satisfying breakfast treat. My mom often makes these to…

Pumpkin Treats - Cookies and Bars

All things pumpkin! Yum! Easy to make cookies and bars, both with a touch of cinnamon…
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