Paper Punch Easter Eggs

altIt may be traditional to dye eggs for this Easter, but with some paper, glue, and a little time, you can create beautiful eggs that will last for years to come.


fresh eggs
stick pins or push pins
colored paper
paper hole-punch

1. Poke holes in top and bottom of an egg, making bottom hole larger. (These holes will be covered, so make them as big as necessary.) Blow out egg white and yolk into dish. Rinse eggshell with water and set on a paper towel to dry. Repeat process with as many eggs as desired.

alt2. Use paper hole-punch to cut out discs of the colored paper.

3. Sketch design, if desired, on eggshell with a pencil.

4. Pour a quarter-size amount of glue on a piece of scrap paper. One at a time, dab glue on paper discs and apply to eggshell according to pattern. Start at the top and work your way down, overlapping discs on previous row and staggering to create a "fish scales" effect.

Enjoy your beautiful eggs!

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