Festive Fourth

altJuly begins with a big holiday, gatherings and decorations a'plenty. If you're having a party, or just want to participate in the patriotic fun, head to your local discount store for flags, ribbon, and a myriad of other possible items. Don't forget to pick up a storage container to save the decorations for next year.

Try our featured Ribbon Wreath for something new for your door - it takes about one hour to complete and the supplies can be found for under $15.

For a refresher course on "flag rules", click here.

altFireworks Ribbon Wreath

Adjust materials and directions for a larger or smaller wreath. Use twice as much ribbon for a fuller look.

1 14-inch wooden quilter's hoop
white spray paint
8 yards double-sided ribbon (wired edges optional)

1. Remove inner loop (without metal bracket) from hoop and spray with white paint.

2. Cut ribbon into 20-24 strips, each about 12 inches long, cutting ends at an angle in the same direction. (Note: if ribbon has an order to the colors or pattern, be sure to cut each strip exactly the same)

3. Tie each strip to painted hoop, spacing evenly. Adjust ribbon as desired.

Use this same idea to create decorative hair ribbons (tie ribbon strips to a ponytail holder) and neckbands for pets (tie ribbon to a collar).

altPorch Decor

Transform your porch in about 30 minutes for under $10! Look for decorative plastic ribbon at dollar stores and other discount supply stores. Space ribbon evenly and secure with thumbtacks.


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