Spa Night

altSometimes you need a night out, or perhaps a night in. For the latter, plan a Spa Night celebration. Relax, refresh, and renew your body, mind, and soul with a cup of your favorite tea, a calming mineral bath, and special treatments for face, hands, and feet. Sounds heavenly? Now consider sharing this with friends as a gift in the form of a Spa Kit or by having a Spa Night party.

Spa Night Party

Spa Night parties have become popular for bridal showers and to pamper mothers-to-be, but don't let the fun stop there! A Spa Night party can celebrate a birthday, promotion, or nothing at all. Whether you go "all out" with invitations and designer spa products or just invite a few friends over at the last minute with instructions to "bring your beauty products" a good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

For those who like to plan ahead a bit, start with invitations that communicate what the activities will be for the evening. Slippers, bubbles, a bathtub, nail products, etc. all are applicable images. Give specific instructions such as "wear comfortable clothes" and "bring a healthy snack to share". Stock up on bottled water, candles, towels, and nail products. Select 2-3 cds of relaxing music to set the mood for the evening.

altActivities at the party can include facials, manicures, pedicures (with soaking of hands and feet), massages (check the library for books and videos), makeovers with hair and make-up, and healthy snacking. Create a mini jet-spa in your bathtub with a jet/bubble make and bath salts. Place two portable chairs next to the tub so users can chat while they soak their feet. As longs as many face and nail products are available, your guests will need little or no encouragement. The night will take care of itself. You may want to make up an extra bed or two - your guests may be too relaxed to drive home!

Assemble a Spa Kit

A quick search on the Internet is sure to produce many ready-made spa kits. While these provide convenience, you may want to make your own. You can personalize a spa kit with the recipient's favorite scents, music, etc. If assembling a kit as a gift for a spa party, you can include the exact number needed of each item and enclose your own recipes for party treats and beauty treatments.

Items needed:
paint can
label for "Spa Kit" or "Bridal Shower Spa Kit"

(select as few or as many of the following)
hand towel/washcloth
tea bag, hot chocolate mix, or specialty coffee
scented candle
bath salts
cd or cassette tape
alteye mask or eye pillow (see below for instructions)
body wash
nail file, buffer, polish, brush
massage oil
facial mask (sample size or recipe for home-made)
recipes for healthy snacks
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