Halloween Spiders

altPlan to do a little decorating for Halloween? Perhaps you're even having a costume party for this spooky holiday? As with most decorating schemes and party themes, keep in mind that less is more. Instead of searching for your "same ol'" decorations, pick your favorite Halloween character - pumpkin, ghost, spider, scarecrow, bat- and focus on big ways to use this character in every aspect of your party. You'll have fun and your guests and trick-or-treaters will certainly enjoy and remember your one-of-a-kind party.

Giant Spiders

Yes, you can buy bags of fake cobwebs, but save them for inside the house. Their effect will be lost on people driving by and guests arriving at night. Instead make your own giant cobweb and spider or two.

Materials: white rope, stakes, black trash bags, wire hangers, clear tape, stiff white paper

Instructions for Giant Cobweb: Run lengths of white rope diagonally from tree limbs to stakes in the ground. Run lengths of rope diagonally in the opposite direction, creating a woven appearance.

Instructions for Giant Spider: Stuff a large, black trash bag with leaves or crumpled newspaper. Close opening and place it next to the cobweb, shaping it into a spider-body shape. Make a head by filling a bag less full, sealing and positioning it in front of the body. For legs, twist or cut open wire hangers and pull open. Wrap them with black plastic bags and secure with tape. Poke ends into body and secure opposite ends in the ground. Cut circles for eyes and triangles for fangs; secure with tape.

altSpider Cookies

Materials: powdered sugar, chocolate cookies (at least one side all chocolate), black licorice "rope", miniature candies

Instructions: Make edible glue by mixing powdered sugar with a small amount of water. Cut licorice into legs (8 for each cookie). Invert a cookie and spread with glue mixture. Place and arrange legs on glue, then add another cookie, forming a cookie sandwich. Attach mini candies with glue for eyes.

Spider Drinks

altMaterials: plastic spiders, ice cube trays (for individual drinks) or muffin tins (for pitcher or punch bowl)

Instructions: Wash spiders. Fill ice cube trays or muffin tins with water. Add spiders and freeze. Serve in cups or add to punch bowl.
Note: Not recommended for small children as the plastic spiders may be considered a choking hazard.

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