Heart of Roses Wreath

Adding a wreath to your home decor is an easy way to add color and participate in the upcoming holiday. In this case, Valentine's Day dictates the wreath shape and encourages roses.

You can easily make this wreath circular instead of heart-shaped. The form can be styrofoam, straw-wrapped wired, or even a grapevine, if you like. Buy the best quality rose blooms you can afford, keeping in mind that you'll need about 40 blooms to fill in a 12-inch heart. Splurge on the sparkle. "Diamond Dust" was used for this wreath, one of many specialty glitters now available at fine craft stores.

How to Make the Rose Wreath

heart-shaped wreath form
4 yards of 1-inch wide pink or red ribbon, (for a 12-inch heart, more or less for different sizes)
stick pins
wreath hanger or wire to make one
artificial rose blooms
hot glue gun and glue sticks
spray adhesive
"diamond dust" glitter

1. Wrap the wreath form with ribbon. Begin by securing ribbon with a stick pin. Wrap tightly, overlapping edges, securing with more pins every few inches.

2. Attach wreath hanger, or form hanger from wire, as desired.

3. Prepare artificial rose blooms: remove from stems (most easily pull off) and trim bottoms to eliminate excess bulk.

4. Position blooms around wrapped heart form to get an idea of how crowded or spread out to place them. You may pre-position a few with stick pins, if desired. Glue in place with hot glue gun.

5. Place wreath on waxed paper. According to manufacturer's directions, spray a section of the blooms and sprinkle with diamond dust glitter. Repeat until all blooms are sparkling.

6. Invert wreath and shake/tap excess glitter onto waxed paper.


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