Candy Wreath


Use candies to make a wreath for your favorite altsweet tooth! Traditional peppermints will work for general office or teacher gifts, but any wrapped candy can be substituted, especially if you know someone's favorite. Better yet, use as many different candies as you like. The goal is to create a fun, lovely wreath that can be enjoyed and shared at your home or anywhere people gather. Who can pass up candy?

How to Make a Candy Wreath

8-inch styrofoam ring
9 feet of 1 1/2 inch wide red ribbon
100-125 straight pins
100-125 starlight peppermint candies, wrapped
25-30 pins with white and/or red heads (map pins or dressmaker pins)

alt1. Wrap foam ring with ribbon. Overlap edges of ribbon as you go to completely cover. Stick a pin through the ribbon every couple of inches to secure. Use extra ribbon to make a loop for hanging. Secure with extra pins.

2. Place ring flat on your working surface. Starting at the outside edge, attach candy pieces, one at a time, with straight pins. (First row should be attached at the outer edge of the ring - so that the ends of the pieces barely touch the work surface.) Pieces should be close together, with pins about 1/2 inch apart. Keep attaching pieces all the way around.

alt3. Begin your next row, about 1/2 inch from the first row, towards the center.

4. Repeat for your third row.

5. For the final row, switch to the pins with heads. Be careful to evenly space the pieces for this final row, since they will be most visible.

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