Tree Bulb Reindeer Ornaments

These reindeer ornaments are quick to make and oh-so-cute!  I received one as a gift from a friend a few years ago.  She and her boys had made a whole herd of them to give away.  They are a great project to do with kids and adults alike.  The supplies are inexpensive and easy to find. These reindeer are a hit at ornament-making parties. Supplies:
large tree-light bulbs
pipe cleaners in various color
metallic thread or cord, cut to 6" lengths
hot glue gun and glue sticks (with adult supervision)
googly eyes (small or medium)
pom-poms (small or medium)
craft glue
thin red ribbon (optional)

1. Make the antlers and attach the cord. Select one (or combine two) pipe cleaner(s) and bend in the middle.  Place the two ends of a length of cord in the "v" of the pipe cleaner.  Apply a dab of hot glue to the screw section of a bulb and press the pipe cleaner and cord (loop up for hanging) into the glue.  Allow to set.  Wrap the pipe cleaner sides tightly around the screw section, crossing in front, and around to the back.  Twist together once or twice to secure.  Bend the pipe cleaners as desired to make them look like antlers.

2. Attach eyes and nose.  Use tiny dabs of craft glue to attach the eyes and the nose. 

3. Extras!  Use ribbon to make bows and glue them to where the pipe cleaners cross in front at the top.  Or use extra pipe cleaners to fashion stocking caps!  Let your imagination help you personalize your reindeer.  If you happen to have someone like my husband joining the fun, you, too could end up with something completely different - like the festive alien on the right.  :)
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