Make a Birthday Calendar

If one of your resolutions is to keep track of birthdays and other special occasions this year, alttreat yourself to a birthday calendar. Buy one at your local stationery store, convert a notebook or journal into one, or make one using the instructions and print-outs below.

Birthday Calendars make great gifts, especially for someone new to your family. Add a pocket to the book and fill it with cards and stamps.

How to Make a Birthday Calendar

10 sheets white paper (suitable for printer)
1 9" by 12" sheet decorative, sturdy paper, edges cut with decorative scissors, if desired
5 8" by 11" sheets decorative paper (not heavier than cardstock), edges cut with decorative scissors, if desired
One-hole punch
1 yard each of two decorative ribbons or ric-rac, more for decorating
glue stick

alt1. Print calendar pages and address pages on the white paper. Click here for calendar pages. Click here for address pages (print 2-3 address pages.) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here, if necessary.

2. Cut out pages on gray printed lines, using decorative scissors, if desired. Set aside.

3. Fold 9" by 12" inch sheet in half to form 9" by 6" inch cover for the calendar. Open and use one-hole punch to punch two hole on the crease line - one on each side.

alt4. Likewise, fold each 8" by 11" inch sheet in half. Position one inside of cover and mark punch holes with a pencil. Punch holes and use as a template for the other sheets.

5. Arrange sheets inside of cover. Line up punched holes. Run ribbon lengths through the holes and tie together in bows on the outside.

6. Glue calendar pages and address pages inside of book.

7. Decorate book cover as desired.


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