Festive Fourth

July begins with a big holiday, gatherings and decorations a'plenty. If you're having a party, or just want to participate in the patriotic fun, head to your local discount store for flags, ribbon, and a myriad of other possible items. Don't forget to pick up a storage container to save the decorations for next year. Try our featured Ribbon Wreath for something new for your door - it takes about one hour to complete and the supplies can be found for under $15. For a refresher course on "flag… Read More >

Summer Fun With Croquet

Transform your own backyard into an arena of summer fun competition - try croquet. That's…

Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympics are here again, starting in just a couple of weeks in Brazil. Over 2700…

Paper Punch Easter Eggs

It may be traditional to dye eggs for this Easter, but with some paper, glue, and a…
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