Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympics are here again, starting in just a couple of weeks in Brazil. Over 2700 years ago, athletes gathered to challenge each other and pay honor to Zeus, king of the Greek gods. The Summer Olympics of 2004 returned to their native land. The spirit of the games lived on in the skillful athletes that trained for months, even years, to represent their countries at this very honored event. The Ancient Games Athletics were highly esteemed in ancient Greece and were an important part of… Read More >

Summer Fun With Croquet

Transform your own backyard into an arena of summer fun competition - try croquet. That's…

Paper Punch Easter Eggs

It may be traditional to dye eggs for this Easter, but with some paper, glue, and a…

Conversation Candy Hearts

Let candy do the talking for you this Valentine's Day. For over one hundred years, lovers…
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