Why I Have Four Kid Beans Instead of an Apron

Kid Beans From Hanover

I love free stuff! In particular, I get a kick out of receiving free items in the mail. This trait probably comes from my mother, who collected and sent away all sorts of boxtops, UPC codes, etc. to various companies when I was a kid. (I loved my Cinnamon Toast Crunch bowl with my name on it!)

When I saw the "free apron" offer from Hanover on cans of beans, I started collecting labels. In a short time, I had enough to send away for the apron. I was tempted by the "Kid Bean" and "Chick Pea" offer, but I went with the practical apron. I tucked them and the required form into an envelope, put it in the mail, and waited. After a few weeks, I received this letter -

Wasn't that nice of them?  Well, I was not having it. Coupons instead of an apron? I don't think so. I wrote a nice letter to them, explaining they had kept the UPCs I sent for the apron and to please accept the additional ones I enclosed and send me a "Chick Pea." (I also included the coupons so they wouldn't think I was trying to scam them or something.)

This was their reply (written at the bottom of the original letter) - 

I had to laugh. I pictured the office that was processing these promotional items, teeming with Kid Beans 'cause everyone wanted the cuter Chick Pea, and someone in charge said, "Send the lady four Kid Beans. Maybe then she'll be happy and stop writing us!" They sent back the coupons, too. It worked! I was satisfied. Not sure what I'll do with four Kid Beans, though. So far, they've been tucked away in a drawer for a couple of years.

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