Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

And now for a dose of kitchen geekery - 

Because of summer's Cobb salads and deviled eggs, hard-boiling has been on my mind. I'm not much for super-specific kitchen gadgets, but even as a kid I really liked the egg slicer (great for strawberries, too!) and egg piercer that Mom used regularly.

eggs hard boiled

Recently I tried what Cook's Country recommends for hard-boiling eggs, but didn't find the results to be better than what I usually do, which is follow the advice from Kitchen Science.  Do you have a method that works perfectly every time? The yolk is cooked, but not green on the edges, the white is fully cooked, but not rubbery?

eggs hard boiled pot

Cook's Country wants you to start with eggs in the water & bring it to a boil, then turn off the heat and set the timer for 10 minutes. Needing to pay attention to exactly when the water starts to boil is the deal-breaker for me. I'm way too much of a multi-tasker in the kitchen to have to watch water boil. Kitchen Science says to add cold eggs to water that is already boiling, then simmer for 14 minutes. Both sets of instructions indicate to immediately pour off the hot water and add cold water, even ice, to stop the cooking.

Oooh, one tip that I did like from Cook's Country was to set the carton of eggs on its side in the fridge the night before to coax the yolk into centrist conformity.  :)


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